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Introduction to R for Data Science

Sci Vis Lab (BLS 101)

R is a statistical programming environment commonly used in academia for creating data visualizations and doing statistical analyses in a more regimented manner. This workshop provides a basic overview of using R and RStudio (a common interactive development environment) for statistical analysis (please note that this workshop does not cover statistical concepts).This workshop is suitable for novice coders as well as those with coding or scripting experience in other statistical software such as SPSS or Stata. Computers available, however, if possible, please bring a laptop to the session. Sponsored by Data Science and Society Register Online:

Intro to Scalar


Scalar is an open source, web-based publishing software from the University of Southern California’s Alliance for Networking Visual Culture that allows you to create networked, multi-media online publications.This workshop will begin with the basics of installation along with creating accounts, projects, and content path. It will also cover the management and inclusion of media, such as images and video. Led by Nicole Scalessa of Digital Scholarship and Technology Services. Register Online:  3/29/2024

Cleaning Messy Data with OpenRefine

Main Library Electronic Classroom

Want to spend less time cleaning and prepping your data? Doing the same tasks over and over in Excel? OpenRefine is a free, open source tool designed specifically for cleaning and organizing tabular data, with easy to use features for fixing errors and standardizing data. During this workshop, participants will learn how to upload data to OpenRefine, explore data, and conduct simple data transformations to produce a clean dataset ready for analysis. Register Online: